Macaca nigra couple

Our mission

We believe that nature conservation and animal protection can only be sustainable if the protection of individual animal species is closely linked to facts (based on research), education and nature conservation..

Who we are

Pina e.V. was founded by a group of private individuals to support projects that are directly committed to the protection of (non-human) primates.

Pina e.V. is scientifically accompanied and advised by scientists from Indonesia, Germany, Great Britain and France.

Please support us

Every donation is welcome!
Pina currently supports 2 projects, the Macaca nigra project and Tangkoko Conservation Education. With a donation to Pina, you directly support MNP and TCE too and help directly.
You help to protect the monkeys in Tangkoko.
You help the children to a better school education.
You help with research on these macaques.
You help the fourth largest country in the world to connect with the international research community through knowledge transfer.

Mother with juvenile

In the spotlight: The crested black macaque

The threats for the crested macaques are manifold. They are caught specifically and are offered on the market as bushmeet. They get caught in bird or wild pig traps, which can lead to severe mutilation or even death. By far the most important aspect, however, is the reduction of their last larger natural habitat through land cleaning and its use as illegal pasture, as well as the general population pressure in this region.

The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is home to the largest population of crested macaques still present in the region. It is located at the northern tip of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. They are endemic to North Sulawesi. They exist in their natural environment only here.

According to IUCN (World Conservation Union) the monkeys are classified as highly endangered. Something must be urgently done to protect these fascinating animals and ensure their survival.

The Macaca Nigra Project & TCE

The Macaca Nigra project in cooperation with Tangkoko Conservation Education (TCE) is of fundamental importance for the protection of the macaques:

Our goals are;
1/ Direct and active protection of monkeys by patrolling the forest, destroying traps, and freeing trapped animals,

2/ Scientific research to improve knowledge of the macaques and their habitat,

3/ Education/training for guides, pupils, teachers and students to enable local scientists and citizens to manage their own environmental and science programmes and develop sustainable economic activities.


For more project information please visit the project pages.

Macaca Nigra Project

Tangkoko Conservation Education 


Please support our association with a donation. You help us to make the world a more liveable place.





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